Updated Face Mask/ Face Covering Guidance

27 de mayo de 2021 por
Updated Face Mask/ Face Covering Guidance
ABO Holdings, LLC

The safety and wellbeing of B Positive Plasma donors and personnel continues to be B Positive’s primary focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.  B Positive regularly monitors all state and federal COVID-19 safety recommendations and requirements that may impact our COVID-19 policies and procedures.  From a public health and safety standpoint B Positive Plasma has complied with the applicable guidelines set forth for healthcare settings since the beginning of the pandemic.  Though the state of New Jersey is partially lifting its face mask/face covering mandate as of 05-28-2021, there are still active requirements for certain public settings, including medical and healthcare environments in New Jersey despite the COVID-19 vaccination status of an individual.

For the time being B Positive Plasma will continue to require its donors, employees, and visitors to wear a face mask/face covering at all appropriate times while within a B Positive center.  We will continue to monitor all new state and federal guidance as it becomes available, and will make modifications to our COVID-19 safety policies and procedures as is appropriate.  Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Updated Face Mask/ Face Covering Guidance
ABO Holdings, LLC 27 de mayo de 2021